Wading Boot Treads

Wade confidently with aluminum boot treads.  These high quality treads are a true game changer when wading on rocks and potentially difficult terrain.

Can be mounted on any wading boot.  Simply drill 1/4" hole in the location desired and mount using the provided hardware.  Sold in kits of 5 treads.  Includes stainless steel mounting screws and aluminum hardware.  We recommend 5 treads per boot. 

Tungsten beads

We have sourced what experts are saying are the ideal slotted tungsten beads for Euro nymphing.  Small slots allow the beads to be used on the smallest hooks.  A 4.6 mm bead can even be used on a size 18 dry fly hook without slipping over the eye of the hook!

Available in small increments of approximately 0.2 - 0.3 mm between sizes.  Fine adjustment is critical in euro nymphing to achieve the right drift. 

All at a very affordable price. 

Foam Sheets

Evazote foam sheets with 0.32 g/ml density.  

We have sourced a great product for fly tying.  

Available in 2mm and 6 mm thickness. Ideal for mouse patterns.